LELECHA Tea Factory

The first LELECHA tea factory shop was found in Shanghai Global Harbor in September 2018, introducing a new concept of made-on-site tea for the new tea industry. LELECHA spent thirty months retrofitting the thousand-of-year eastern tea art in collaboration with several tea masters and scientific researcher of tea manufacturing machine, and relocated the prestigious tea garden with hundreds of history here.

The tea manufacturing outlet stores are broad and transparent with orderly layout of contemporary tea manufacturing equipment which are all professionally customized. The tea flavor will be extracted after sixty-minute baking in baking furnace and sixty-minute rolling in blender, followed by 24-hour storage and proofing in specially-made clay pot before it finally reach tea master through vacuum metal tube. The whole process is designed to retain its original flavor of tea to the maximum extent.

Let’s witness the journey of originality in terms of tea very closely, during which tea leaves are transformed into a cup of nice tea.

LELECHA Soft Bun Manufacturing Institute

LELECHA has originated a variety of fruit and vegetable cheese soft bun, such as Durian Cheese Soft Bun, Dirty Choco Bun, Starry Custard Bun, Crab, Rice Cake Bun, etc. These soft buns are all made of New Zealand cheese, French cocoa powder, Canadian wheat, Malaysian durian, Chilean cherry and other strictly selected food materials. They are made-on-site with limited amount for each product and overnight frozen dough is expressly prohibited here.

Save for in-season fruit and vegetable cheese soft bun, LELECHA also explored folk delicacies in various cities and joined hands with local time-honored brands to inherit classic flavor with Chinese characteristics, such as “Fried Shrimp With Longjing Tea Bun” and “Beggars’ Chicken Bun” launched by LELECHA with ZHIWEIGUAN, a China time-honored brand, in Hangzhou, “Mr Wu’s Scallion Bun” with Mr Wu’s Scallion Pancake in Shanghai, “Sweet Taro Seedling Bun” with Aunt Xu’s Pastry in Nanjing, “Fruit on Sticks Bun” and “Rice Cake Bun” in Beijing and so on.